Who We Are

Two P is anchored by Tim Pozar and Matt Peterson. The consultancy extends to our partners in the networking, data center, and systems management space. Our work has ranged from starting the first public Internet Service Provider in San Francisco to the buildout of a data center to support a top 15 global web property.

Tim Pozar

Tim Pozar co-founded and was the network engineer for TLGnet, the first commercial ISP in San Francisco. He was later the Network Architect and Director of Operations for Alexa and Internet Archive. In 1998, he was co-founder and Director of Operations for the anti-spam company Brightmail, and in 2004 he was the first investor, as well as VP of Engineering and COO, of UnitedLayer. Recently Mr. Pozar was the VP of Operations of Fandor.

Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson was the first Operations hire at Square, and later served as the Director of Infrastructure for Tumblr and lead the Customer Engineering team at Cumulus Networks. His work spans data center deployment, network engineering, and systems management. He has a particular interest in challenging network builds, which has led him to deserts, islands, and connectivity-stranded countries for deployments. In addition to his Two P engagements, Mr. Peterson currently serves as CTO at PAXIO, a fiber-based ISP.


Our approach is built on balancing the client’s technical capabilities, price sensitivity, and long-term goals. Unlike a traditional reseller or VAR, our allegiance is towards the client - not a particular vendor or service provider. Where appropriate we’ll recommend open source solutions, however commercial options are equally evaluated. We strive to complete all engagements with a tailored educational focus. Our clients should be satisfied with our work and comfortable to continue their own maintenance and operations moving forward.

Our capabilities cover a wide variety of skillsets, the themes below cover a small portion of these:


Two P has engaged in a number of diverse opportunities, from network deployments to cloud automation. We’ve highlighted a small sampling of past and present client work below:


Two P was engaged in mid 2012 to modernize the network of a growing ISP in Northern Nevada. The client had amassed a decade of wireless & wireline infrastructure covering over 6,000 sq miles. Two P migrated the previous static routed backbone to complete OSPF & BGP mesh. Our guidance lead to the client’s first ARIN IP address allocation, a /20 for IPv4. The project also encompassed configuration and education around a variety of best practices. Our recommendations allowed the client to renegotiation supplier contracts for a savings in excess of 80% from previous relationships. Our relationship has continued in 2013 to provide guidance on network expansion, IPv6, MPLS & monitoring systems.

VoIP Conference

An established TDM based phone conferencing provider came to Two P to build a more cost effective digital VoIP platform. The client had licensed an Asterisk-based PBX package, but had limited server expertise to build a supportable platform in-house. We built an environment using Amazon’s AWS platform with EC2 compute instances, Route53 DNS services and EBS storage volumes. The architecture was built on Puppet configuration management, allowing for spin-up of additional capacity with ease. Two P also provided education on scalability capabilities, security practices and cost models between established cloud providers.

Fiber/WiFi Hybrid
Community Network

In mid 2008, The City of San Francisco began offering complimentary Internet access within selected public housing facilities. The resulting network was plagued with service outages, inconsistent performance, and limited monitoring insight. Two P’s continuing engagement has addressed architecture design guidance, along with heavy automation around service implementation. Today the network covers large portions of San Francisco, in a mixture of city public areas, libraries, community centers, and other public institutions. The underlying infrastructure is comprised of many assets that Two P has administrative responsibilities on , such as: large-scale NAT44, BGP multi-homing, metro ethernet switching, and various microwave wireless equipment.

Remote Island

At the request of California Academy of Sciences, Two P was engaged to retrofit a failed network deployment off the coast of San Francisco. Our work involved replacing underperforming wireless equipment and laying the groundwork for a more supportable architecture. The resulting design focused around the extremities and remote nature of this deployment, with particular equipment criteria around weather survivability. The end result is public controllable webcam to view live activity around the island’s diverse animal ecosystems. In addition the network serves as the single outside world connection for island staff and remote monitoring of critical life safety systems, such as electrical and sewer infrastructure. This project was presented at NANOG49 in June, 2010. You can see more here.

Temporary Event

Temporary networks have significant customer service and implementation schedule requirements. Two P has time-tested experience in these challenging deployments. We’ve lead both direct contracts - Bureau of Land Management, NANOG, SF MusicTech - and partnership - SXSW (via Rightround), TechCrunch (via Mariette Systems) - projects. Typical duties include facilitating on-site IT resources with outside ISP/transport providers, network monitoring, on-call rotation, design/architecture reviews, and contract guidance.

Web 2.0

A growing specialized search engine did not have personnel with data center or ISP multi-homing experience. Two P took over the implementation of a previously executed data center & transit build-out. Our tasks covered ARIN IP address/ASN assignment, IRR entries, BGP peering, IPsec site-to-site VPN’s, monitoring systems, and AAA configuration. The deployment was completed on schedule and with full documentation for a smooth transition back to a dedicated operations team.

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